Whitepaper : User, Customer, and Digital Experience: Where Service and Business Performance Come Together

Presenter: Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
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This is the third report in EMA’s unique exploration of end-user experience management spanning eight years, from 2008 to 2017. While this research unveils multiple trend consistencies over the years, there are multiple technology changes and business landscape changes to contend with. Additionally, this research reveals changes in organizational models around digital experience management in all its dimensions, including internal user experience and external customer and partner experience.

Moreover, IT is being asked to do all this with ever greater attention to cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency, as our recent data suggests.

Understand these transformations and how digital experience management (DEM) shines a spotlight on both the expanded relevance of IT and the pressure on the IT organization to justify itself and perform efficiently, in what is now popularly called the “digital age” by downloading this report.

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