Webcast : Capacity Planning Done Right for SQL Server

Presenter: Bullett Manale
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Capacity planning, especially when done for SQL Server, is not for the faint of heart. Storage and disk capacity are obvious, but when you want to right size your database(s) for a new SQL implementation or migration, there is a lot more than space to think about. Of course, sizing and future growth must be considered. In addition, we also have to consider design, configuration, and other important resources to ensure your new SQL Server is performing optimally.

Penton Tech contributing editor and industry expert Robert Pearl digs into what you need to equip yourself with – and how you need to plan – before you deploy your next SQL Server. This will include disk size, memory, I/O, indexes, transaction logs, file growth, current utilization stats, and more.

Subsequently, Bullett Manale from IDERA will discuss how to gather data concerning the current usage and growth trends of databases for capacity planning. In this session, you will view database capacity usage for data and logs; see database file statistics for available and used space for data and logs; review and compare metric and baseline statistics; identify fast-growing tables; predict future disk space, database, and table needs from growth forecasts. You will also see how to create custom usage and trend reports using any pre-defined and custom counters.

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