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SQL Server Performance Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Tuning

SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro is a robust performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics solution for SQL Server. It proactively notifies administrators to health, performance or availability problems via a desktop console, a web console add-on, and a mobile console. It provides agentless, real-time monitoring and alerting for fast diagnosis and remediation.

The included SQL Workload Analysis add-on provides a granular breakdown of wait states with easy drill-down to isolate problems quickly. It delivers valuable real-time and historical data and actionable advice to improve performance.

The included SQL Query Tuner add-on maximizes database and application performance by quickly finding and fixing poor-performing queries. It eliminates bottlenecks by graphically profiling critical metrics inside the database.

Why SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro?

Reduced availability and performance of SQL Server can severely impact the business-critical applications that it supports. Ensuring performance and availability is arguably the most critical function for database administrators today. At the same time, they need to support continually growing deployments of databases with limited resources. Access to reliable, real-time information on the status and health of the complete environment is essential, along with diagnostic tools to quickly pinpoint and resolve performance issues. SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro meets these needs by monitoring the performance of the entire SQL Server environment and providing the most comprehensive diagnostics on the market. The included SQL Workload Analysis add-on continuously monitors and analyzes database workload. The included SQL Query Tuner add-on quickly discovers, diagnoses, and optimizes problematic queries.

Product Highlights

  • Monitor performance for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • View expert recommendations to optimize performance.
  • Alert predictively with settings to avoid false alerts.
  • Perform real-time workload analysis with continuous and fast sampling
  • Quickly isolate slow statements and drill down for actionable advice
  • Visually and interactively tune complex queries.
  • Load test queries in simulated production environments.

Key Benefits

Monitor Performance of Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments

Easily monitor the performance of complex environments to get a complete view of databases. View performance metrics and alerts to get a complete picture of the entire environment. Avoid false alarms with adaptive alerting. Set alert thresholds based on statistical analysis of historical data.

Monitor Application Transactions

Monitor query waits, sample queries continuously, drill down into transaction analysis, view recommendation to improve queries, tune statement plans, and resolve locks and latches with the included SQL Workload Analysis add-on. Isolate application problems and receive recommended remedies.

Optimize Queries

Maximize database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing queries with the included SQL Query Tuner add-on. Eliminate bottlenecks by graphically profiling critical metrics inside the database, relating resource utilization to specific queries, and tuning queries visually.

Performance Monitoring

Continuously Monitor and Analyze Performance

Continuously monitor and analyze the real-time and historical availability, health, and performance of SQL Server and its environment. Identify session locks, blocks, and deadlocks. Look at the complete blocking chain for easy identification and resolution.

Configure Multiple Performance Baselines

Define and schedule multiple baseline periods to differentiate various situations. View server baseline performance, and compare baselines over time ranges and across different servers. Configure baseline alerts that automatically calibrate to changes to prevent excessive noise. Generate reports that show baseline for capacity planning.

Monitor High Availability Groups, Mirroring, Replication, and Clusters

Monitor the performance of high availability groups and send alerts to ensure that SQL Server is running on the designated node during failover to a replica. Also monitor performance problems with mirrored, replication, and cluster environments.

Monitor Tempdb

Quickly identify and resolve tempdb database contention and performance related issues with dedicated tempdb monitoring and its diagnostic views. Monitor and display the tempdb space and performance related information.

Alert Adaptively with Automatic Responses

Choose from more than 100 pre-defined alert settings based on industry best practices with advanced configuration settings for greater flexibility. Send alerts to different groups of people based on the metric, time-of-day, instance, and more. Automatically respond to alerts.

View Expert Recommendations

View specific guidance to enhance performance and speed up problem resolutions with built-in tuning advice and industry best practices. View corrective scripts and links to related online content to supercharge performance.

Customize Counters, Dashboards, and Reports

Add an unlimited amount of custom counters to the monitoring process and display them in custom dashboards and custom reports. These counters include results from custom queries for advanced application-specific monitoring.

Integrate with SCOM

Propagate the status, health, and events of all monitored instances up to Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to allow database administrators and Information Technology operations staff to share data at a higher level across the organization.

Ensure Low Impact

Monitor without agents. Do not install additional services, databases, tables, extended stored procedures, or anything else on the monitored systems. This simple architecture dramatically reduces the footprint and simplifies the installation and upgrade process.

Workload Analysis

Monitor Wait States and Transactions

Continuously monitor wait states and capture transactions of applications. Get a real-time view of entire instances and databases with continuous sampling and high granularity as fast as 1 second.

Quickly Drill-down for Actionable Advice

Quickly drill down to isolate problems quickly. View details of captured transactions to pinpoint problems. Display and tune execution plans with actionable expert recommendations, illuminate demanding transactions and resolve locks, latches, and storage contention.

View Top Databases and Tables

Quickly drill down using the single, intuitive, web-based dashboard into each instance to view for a selected time interval the top database activity and trends in real-time. For each database, view the top tables and quickly drill down to view statistics, waits, table and index access, missing indexes, space allocation, top statements, and average input/output wait time.

View Top Statements

View top statements and their statistics including top accessed objects to isolate slow statements, and receive tuning recommendations to improve application performance. Drill down further into each statement to view heavy operators and analyze execution plans to troubleshoot problematic queries.

Query Profiling and Tuning

Identify Previously Undetected Query Performance Issues

Display graphical visualizations of wait time analysis to pinpoint poorly performing queries. Continually monitor data sources to identify periodic issues. Get a clear understanding of query execution and performance costs using explain plans. For each statement, drill down into execution details.

Accelerate Query Tuning and Optimization

Maximize productivity using automatically generated tuning suggestions for fast fixes. View color-coded index analysis for used, not used, and missing indexes for comprehensive insights. Generate all possible cases for changes including query rewrites.

Visually Tune Queries

Turn text-based queries into graphical tuning diagrams that display tables and views used in queries, and the relationships defined in the queries. Display indexes and constraints on tables and views, and joins used in each statement with table statistics.

Test under Simulated Production Environments

Run queries in simulated production environments. Save time and improve results by load testing and verifying the performance of existing and alternative queries. Simulate parallel users and parallel executions over a specific period or execution cycle with stress testing of queries.

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