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IDERA relentlessly delivers the industry's most complete solution for 24x7 SQL server performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics and tirelessly supports the SQL community with 100% free tools and expert advice.

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  IDERA SQL Safe Backup Redgate® SQL Backup Pro Quest® LiteSpeed for SQL Server Microsoft® SQL Server®
Central Management Console
Central Activity Repository
Immediate Database Restore Patented Instant Restore      
Object Level Recovery
IBM TSM and EMC Data Domain Integration
Notifications Any Operation Only Error, Warning, Success, Failure Only Success, Failure No
Compression Levels Automatic optimization Manual selection Automatic optimization On or off
Pre-configured Reports Yes, plus custom reporting No, only backup history reports No, backup history browser No
SQL Server Software Solutions 18 15 4  
Integrated SQL Solutions Dashboard

Discover why IDERA is the Best SQL Backup Software

Comprehensive backup and restore of mission critical data is essential to keeping your business running flawlessly. IDERA SQL Safe Backup provides unrivaled tools that work faster and safer with minimal system impact for a few SQL servers or hundreds.

Unlike Redgate, IDERA creates a central activity repository for all your backup and restore events and automatically optimizes data compression for either lowest size or best system performance. IDERA is also the only solution with Instant Restore, a patient pending technology that virtually eliminates application downtime by bringing your database online immediately when doing a restore.

IDERA SQL Safe Backup goes far beyond the basic capabilities in Microsoft SQL Server by providing a central management console to monitor backup and restore operations in real-time, real-time notifications of events, and pre-configured reports to easily review operations for all your SQL servers. Backup and restore is an essential requirement for any organization. IDERA SQL Safe Backup is the SQL backup and restore expert with simple to use tools that enable comprehensive backup and restore strategies.

SQL Safe Backup is the industry-leading SQL Server backup software. It helps database administrators to backup and recover instantly across SQL Servers. Unlike its competition, the powerful SQL backup software provides virtual databases with access to backup files without consuming disk space, instant restore, centralized management across SQL Servers, and alert notifications for success and failure of operations.

Download a free, fully functional, 14-day trial of IDERA SQL Safe Backup right now and discover for yourself how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and help make you a rock star DBA in your organization.

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  • Backup faster and save space via dynamic compression with encryption.
  • Choose from multiple options for recovery.
  • Ensure organizational compliance via policy-based management.
  • Reduce failures due to temporary network problems.
  • Receive alerts and create reports with centralized web console.
  • Instantly read and write access to databases directly from backup files.
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