Whitepaper : Performance Enhancements Made with SQL Server 2014

  • SQL server 2014: Columnstore enhancements
  • SQL server 2014: Managed lock Priority
  • Buffer pool extension
Author: Pinal Dave
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It is second to human nature to question and get the best out of everything. It is in our DNA to see how we can maximize on our current investments and if our investments are reaping great benefits. If you are buying a brand new car, you are likely to look at multiple dimensions like cost, looks, reviews, spacious, utility and finally on the mileage too. The fundamental definition of mileage is – “The ratio of the number of miles travelled to the number of gallons of petrol burned”, in essence we are looking at the performance of the vehicle.

These analogies are great not only in our personal life but also in professional organizations. CIOs and CFOs are questioning the investments being done on software’s everywhere. Be it investing in cloud or upgrade to a new version of software. The question always remains WHY? With the release of SQL Server 2014, these questions also come in the mind of a typical DBA and a future work item to upgrade his current infrastructure. It is not enough to just do a upgrade but also utilize the best features of the next version post upgrade to improve manageability, maintainability and if we can give better performance to application – then the upgrade process is worth every penny and time spent.

In this article we will take a quick tour on our Top 4 features introduced with SQL Server 2014 from a performance point of view. The first enhancement will be on Columnstore Index.

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