Whitepaper : DBA Automation in SQL Server & Azure SQL Database

Database administrators (DBAs) have been hearing about how robots in SQL Server and Azure are going to be taking their jobs by automating performance tuning. However, most of these claims are just marketing hype that Microsoft is using to sell the latest versions of their products.

This whitepaper blows the marketing smoke away on these solutions by explaining their latest features and identifying the ones that are ready for prime time. This information will better prepare you for discussions about whether you should upgrade and how you can use the robots in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database to do your job better.

The whitepaper discusses:

  • DBA automation in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database
  • batch mode execution
  • TVF interleaved execution
  • scalar function inlining
  • adaptive memory grants
  • adaptive joints
  • automatic tuning
Author: IDERA
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