Webcast : Center of Gravity: The New Reality for Database

Presenter: Dr. Robin Bloor & Robert Anderson

If you want to find the epicenter of innovation in today’s information economy, look no further than its foundation: the database. Largely due to the increased pressure on data-driven business models, organizations today are using a wider variety of database technologies than ever before, including some incredibly innovative scale-out architectures in the cloud. But for many companies, that brings a reality of hybrid cloud environments.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he explains the impact of cloud-borne databases on the modern enterprise, and what considerations organizations should keep in mind. He’ll be briefed by Robert Anderson of IDERA, who will discuss the common challenges DBAs face when exploring a hybrid cloud environment. He’ll show how IDERA’s SQL Doctor and SQL Secure provide expert tuning and security recommendations, thus preventing problems before they occur.

Speaker: Dr. Robin Bloor is a leading authority and influencer in the industry. In his role as an industry analyst, Robin has become an influential commentator on many corporate IT issues and is in great demand as a presenter at conferences, user groups and seminars addressing audiences across the world on a variety of technology topics from eCommerce through to IT Strategy and trends. For a decade and a half he was the driving force behind the research effort at Bloor Research, and authored many of its industry reports and product comparisons. He has expertise across the whole field of IT with particular expertise in database, development tools, system management, IT security and hardware technology. His best-selling business book “The Electronic Bazaar: From the Silk Road to the eRoad” was featured as book of the week by the Times, referred to as “a classic” by Publisher’s Weekly (in the US), and described by the Library Journal (also in the US) as “One of the Best Business Books of 2000”. He is also a Partner in Hurwitz & Associates, a partner company to Bloor Research which provides IT analysis services to US companies. He has been influential in shaping the direction and thinking of a generation of IT strategists and continues to provide insight on the direction of IT as it moves forward.

Speaker: Robert Anderson is the Vice President of Product Management for IDERA, the market leader in Database Lifecycle Management, I lead an incredible team of product managers and user experience designers that wake up every day seeking to build the most useful and profitable database and IT management products in the industry.

Topics : Cloud Databases,Database Diagnostics,Database Monitoring,

Products : SQL Doctor,

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