Geek Sync Webcast : Kick Start SQL Server 2016 Performance Tips and Tricks

Presenter: Pinal Dave
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With every updated SQL Server release, new and efficient features are introduced that database administrators can add to their repository. As many of you know, SQL Server 2016 has introduced lots of new and beneficial features.

Here is a glimpse of the features we will cover in this session:
New cardinality estimate for optimal performance
In-memory OLTP optimization of superior query performance
Columnstore indexes and performance tuning
JSON and Temporal Tables

Join IDERA and Pinal Dave for a special Geek Sync as we cover a few of the new features in SQL Server 2016. Aside from grasping an overview of these features, you will learn how to use these updates to your advantage. This Geek Sync will be interactive and questions are encouraged.

About Pinal:

Pinal Dave is a technology enthusiast and independent consultant with over thirteen years of experience in the information technology sector. He has successfully authored 11 SQL Server database books, 18 Pluralsight courses and written over 3200 articles on database technology via his blog Rounding out his professional career, Pinal has held key positions as Sr. Consultant for SolidQ and as a Technology Evangelist for Pluralist and Microsoft. Pinal holds a Master of Science from the University of Southern California, and numerous professional certifications, including MCTS, MCDBA and MCAD (.NET).

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