Geek Sync Webcast : Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS

“It seems obvious what this chart says. Why are people asking so many questions when the answers are right on the chart?” Have you ever found yourself asking that question? It happens to all of us. You pour a lot of time into validating your data and removing data points that can cause confusion, so why isn’t it already obvious?

Join IDERA and SolidQ Consultant Aaron Nelson as he walks you through ways to improve Power BI & SSRS Reports. He will show examples of tweaks that can be made to avoid confusion in charts that technically already inform the user of what the displayed content is. His focus will be on reports displaying Power BI content.

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Aaron Nelson

Aaron is a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server (Data Platform) and leads the PowerShell Virtual Chapters of PASS. He volunteers for the local PASS Chapter AtlantaMDF, and helps organize SQL Saturday events in Atlanta. Last year, the PowerShell VC of PASS set out to “Make SQL PowerShell Great Finally” and it is well on its way. Along with PowerShell MVP Chrissy LeMaire, Aaron helps organize what the community is asking for in the new SQL Server PowerShell module on the community Trello board ( Thanks to these efforts and the countless contributions from the SQL community around the world, we have already received 30 new SQL PowerShell cmdlets and have been told to expect even more new cmdlets every month!

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