Webcast : Databases Don’t Build and Populate Themselves

Databases are often like the big bang, suddenly they just exist, right? Well, not really, someone had to do the due diligence and design them conceptually then come up with a physical model for implementation. If it’s a transaction database, then we’re done and the application connects and, voila, data starts filling our database. But in other situations such as business intelligence, analytics, conversions, etc. we must move data from other systems into the database.

In this session we are going to discuss these two key aspects: database design patterns and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). We will talk about the role of data modeling and SQL Server Integration Services for data migration.

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Stan Geiger

Stan Geiger is a Senior Product Manager at IDERA with over 25 years using Microsoft SQL Server. Stan has worked in various industries from fraud detection to healthcare. He has held several positions including database developer, DBA, and BI Architect, and has experience building Data Warehouse and ETL platforms, BI Analytics and OLTP systems.

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