Who wants to do more work in less time? Of course you do. SQLyog from Webyog can help with cost-effective, agent less tools for managing MYSQL and MariaDB databases. It automates and schedules tasks for comparing and synchronizing data and schema. It enables importing and exporting data for backup and it supports scheduling and reporting for queries. With SQLyog, database developers, administrators and architects have the insight they need to address problems. Quick and easy. To learn more about SQLyog, visit:

What Is SQLyog?

SQLyog is a powerful MySQL development and administration solution, trusted by 2.5 million users around the world. With SQLyog, organizations have a tool that enables database developers, administrators, and architects to visually compare, optimize, and document schemas. With SQLyog, organizations can: - Automatically synchronize data - Visually compare data - Visually compare and synchronize schema - Import external data - Schedule backups - Schedule and report on queries - Profile queries - & more!

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