By supporting Amazon Redshift connections using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and PingOne, Aqua Data Studio allows users to use single sign-on credentials. This enhancement ensures a more secure and streamlined authentication process. Aqua Data Studio now supports Microsoft Azure SQL and Azure Synapse connections using Azure Active Directory (AD) Multi-Factor Authentication.

By integrating these authentication standards, Aqua Data Studio offers:

  • Enhanced data security: By integrating advanced authentication standards, Aqua Data Studio ensures that the data assets of its users are safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential breaches.
  • Simplified user experience:Reducing the number of passwords that users need to remember means a more streamlined and user-friendly login process, minimizing the chances of password-related issues or forgotten credentials.
  • Trusted authentication: With the support of these standards, users can be confident that their identity is being verified by a trusted party,adding an extra layer of security and trustworthiness to the system.
  • Reduced risk of breaches: With fewer passwords to manage and the assurance of trusted authentication,there’s a decreased likelihood of security breaches due to compromised credentials or unauthorized access.

Discover new features of Aqua Data Studio 23.0 including support for AWS IAM and Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication, extended access to Google BigQuery globally, and compatibility with MongoDB 5.0.14 and Informix 14.10. Additionally, Aqua Data Studio 23.0 introduces driver updates for Microsoft, MySQL, JConnect, Informix, and Redshift, optimizing the latest features and ensuring robust security and performance.

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What Is New in Aqua Data Studio 23.0: Enhanced Security for Users Worldwide

Aqua Data Studio helps database developers and administrators, and data and business analysts to manage data platforms and data, and visually analyze data. Unlike its competition, it provides a unique combination of a full-featured database IDE and visual analytics, the broadest range of native data sources, versatile import and export, advanced SQL query development and optimization, extensive comparison of databases and data, and powerful team collaboration.

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