SQL Diagnostic Manager provides an in-depth view of the performance of your SQL Server environment. The information collected is stored centrally for trending, retrospective analysis, reporting and more. The deployment of SQL Diagnostic Manager comes in two parts. First of all, there is a dashboard which creates a web-based interface for IDERA products. Next, the SQL Diagnostic Manager application will be deployed and configured. During the deployment, you will be asked for some port confirmation credentials to start services and also for the location of the SQL Diagnostic Manager repository. The repository is a central part of the functionality and a single location for data storage. The data in the repository and all real-time information can be viewed in numerous ways. By default when the installation is complete a management console be launched allowing servers to be added and configured for monitoring. In addition to this, there is a web-based console. The management console is a .NET application which is feature-rich and fully functional and it is the first step in adding servers for monitoring and obtaining management data. The next method is the dashboard. The dashboard is a web-based consolidated framework for multiple IDERA products where you can, for example, see the health of your SQL Servers in the same view as your backups and business intelligence performance. Multiple copies of tools such as SQL Diagnostic Manager are supported through the dashboard enabling unification of deployments in different departments, sectors, and geographic locations. You can find the dashboard on the machine where diagnostic measures installed located on port 92 91 by default. But its location can be identified from the .NET console on the web console tab of the SQL DM [SQL Diagnostic Manager] today page.

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How to Set Up IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager

Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution that proactively alerts administrators to health, performance, or availability problems within their SQL Server environment. SQL diagnostic Manager allows DBAs to discover potential and existing problems, analyze the state of their SQL Server enterprise, and generate reports.

Using a unique agent-less architecture, SQL Diagnostic Manager gathers diagnostic information in real time, keeping database administrators and managers informed by providing customized alerts The deployment of SQL Diagnostic Manager comes in two parts. The installer automatically deploys the IDERA Dashboard which is an interface for IDERA products and next it installs SQL Diagnostic manager application. Learn More →

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