Solution Brief : SQL Safe Backup

SQL Safe Backup for the Hybrid Cloud

With SQL Safe Backup, automate backups and restores of Microsoft SQL Server, and recover data without restoring. SQL Safe Backup runs on cloud virtual machines with Microsoft Windows. It can access mapped cloud drives. It backs to and restores from instances of SQL Server on cloud virtual machines, and the cloud databases Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

With this solution brief learn how to install SQL Safe Backup on cloud virtual machines, access mapped cloud drives, back up to and restore from SQL Server on cloud virtual machines, and backup to and restore from Amazon S3 and Azure Blog Storage.

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As organizations migrate their data to the cloud, database administrators need to consistently manage data on-premises and in the cloud with existing staff and tools. Typical concerns with migration to the cloud are moving data to the cloud without impacting performance, determining the best settings, configuring for high availability and disaster recovery, balancing performance and cost, and managing data in the cloud and on-premises without learning multiple tools.

There is no need to fear the cloud when managing the performance and availability of data in the cloud and on-premises with a single tool. By eliminating the steep learning curve associated with new tools for the cloud, free up time for new organizational needs, adopt data in the cloud confidently, and avoid making critical errors with data in the cloud.

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Automate SQL Server Backup Across your Enterprise

  • Backup faster and save space via dynamic compression with encryption.
  • Choose from multiple options for recovery.
  • Ensure organizational compliance via policy-based management.
  • Reduce failures due to temporary network problems.
  • Receive alerts and create reports with centralized web console.
  • Instantly read and write access to databases directly from backup files.
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