Solution Brief : Precise

Nine Strengths of Precise for Databases

Precise for Databases provides a complete view of the performance of databases by capturing, measuring, and correlating performance metrics from all critical components of the system. It proactively monitors, diagnoses, detects and corrects performance problems before they become noticeable for databases and related applications. Precise provides a wealth of expert knowledge regarding possible areas of deterioration and links that guide to the resolution of specific problems to optimize the performance of databases. The solution brief presents a selection of ten strengths of Precise for Databases.

Presenter: IDERA

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Precise Main

Accelerate Business Performance

  • End-to-end transaction visibility quickly isolates issues anywhere in the stack
  • Recommended corrective actions speed time to resolution
  • Historical analysis and trending discovers potential issues before they occur
  • Database stores contextual details to correlate transactions with business issues
  • Scalable performance for mission-critical business processes
  • Multi-platform support spans a diverse range of system clients

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