Solution Brief : ER/Studio Data Architect

Importing ER/Studio Data Models into WhereScape 3D

Most of IDERA’s customers are looking to maximize the value of their data. The end game is to present accurate and relevant data in a format that solves business problems. The chain of events that leads to this is complex with many steps. The process starts with the initial requirements being understood. Key Performance Indicators and data points need to be understood and confirmed. For instance, when we ask for “North American Sales Figures” do we all agree on what we mean. We then need to source this data. Is it already in the warehouse, is that data accurate, where did it come from, is it relevant? If it is not in the warehouse, where does it live in the operational world?

Again, is the source relevant and appropriate? A combination of ER/Studio and WhereScape can help with this process of identifying and understanding data, through to making it available in the warehouse to the BI layer. With these tools we can help build an efficient automated solution that lowers cost, increases the availability of data all whilst fitting into a broader data governance program. Read this solution brief to learn how to import data models from ER/Studio into WhereScape 3D.

Dr. Sultan Shiffa is a senior software consultant for Enterprise Data Management at IDERA and works as an expert for complex and diverse data management solutions. He has worked for 11 years with IDERA’s largest customers to assist in the development of methodologies for best leveraging and integrating IDERA database products into their existing processes. He is also a key contributor to the IDERA product roadmap. He is known in the market as a polished public speaker at OUG and roadshows. Before joining IDERA he worked more than a decade as a database consultant and an Oracle certified (OCP) DBA. – See more at:

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ER/Studio Data Architect enables you to efficiently catalog your current data assets and sources across different platforms and track end-to-end data lineage. Simplify your data architecture with a common language leveraging consistent naming standards and data definitions. Easily specify the sensitive data objects that need heightened protection, to withstand audit scrutiny.

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WhereScape 3D enables you to quickly and easily plan, model and design all types of data infrastructure projects. Use sophisticated data discovery and profiling capabilities to bulletproof design and rapid prototyping to collaborate earlier with business users.

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