Solution Brief : SQL Safe Backup

Getting Started Guide for SQL Safe Backup

SQL Safe Backup provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for your SQL Server environment. SQL Safe Backup enables complete hands-free automated backups of your entire SQL Server infrastructure and ensures adherence to your organization’s backup and recovery policies. Because of its depth and potential for customization, there are often parts of SQL Safe Backup that are overlooked during the initial trial period. This document is designed to point out areas that may have been missed or that can be modified to give you full control over management and reporting in your SQL Server environment.

Read this getting started guide for SQL Safe Backup to learn quickly about its benefits, permission requirements, architecture, capabilities, configuration, and first application.

Table of contents: Purpose of this document, Introduction, Why use SQL Safe Backup, Port requirements, Architecture, Product components, and Capabilities (Perform a manual backup, Network resiliency, Compression and encryption, Alerting and notification, Instant restore, and Command-line interface)

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Automate SQL Server Backup Across your Enterprise

  • Backup faster and save space via dynamic compression with encryption.
  • Choose from multiple options for recovery.
  • Ensure organizational compliance via policy-based management.
  • Reduce failures due to temporary network problems.
  • Receive alerts and create reports with centralized web console.
  • Instantly read and write access to databases directly from backup files.
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