Automate SQL Server Backup Across your Enterprise

SQL Safe Backup

IntelliCompress2™ Technology

Provides state of the art technology that continually samples system resources and automatically adjusts the compression level to produce the smallest backup in the fastest possible time.

Instant Restore

Patent-pending Instant Restore technology brings your database online immediately—virtually eliminating application downtime. This can save you huge amounts of time when getting back online in a disaster or searching old backups for a piece of lost data. Once online, your database acts as a fully functional database, supporting all read and write operations. SQL Safe Backup streams data from the backup file “on demand” to support applications and user requests while completing the restore operation in the background.


Offers innovative IntelliRestoreTM graphical point in time recovery. Using a sliding time scale, choose a point in time, and SQL Safe Backup will automatically assemble all the backup components necessary to restore the database to the specified point in time.

Next Generation Object Level Recovery

SQL Safe Backup goes beyond typical OLR, providing support for all backup file types and recovery of more objects, including those from log backups and foreign key restraints. Backup data files are more complete including transaction log data which is typically ignored when restoring from typical OLR solutions.

Network Resilient

Eliminate backup and restore failures due to temporary network outages by automatically pausing and then resuming from the point where the backup left off once the network comes back online.

Login Copy

Bring recovered databases online faster by allowing SQL Safe Backup to create missing SQL Server logins and resolve any orphaned database users.

Backup Mirroring

Quickly and easily write duplicate backup files to different locations during a single backup operation.

Availability Groups

Configure SQL Safe Backup policies to take the backup from preferred Availability Group replica. SQL Safe Backup can then restore the database even if the backups were taken from different Availability Group members.


Provides AES 128 and AES 256-bit encryption with less than 0.5% performance degradation.

Runs outside SQL Server Process

Eliminates risk and increases performance by running as a separate process outside the SQL Server process space. SQL Safe Backup does not install any additional databases, DLLs, scripts, stored procedures or tables on the SQL Server instances.

EMC Data Domain Integration

Provides backup and restore capabilities to and from EMC Data Domain server via an easy to setup wizard.

Tivoli Storage Manager Integration

Provides an interface to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for permanent storage of SQL Safe Backup files.

Central Repository

All backup and restore information is stored in a central repository to enable full auditing of backup history across the enterprise.

Centralized Management Console

SQL Safe Backup provides an easy to use web UI accessible from any web browser. The dashboard view displays backup and restore issues, backup policies created and more from one consolidated view. Users can toggle between navigation tabs to perform backup tasks as needed. Capabilities include:

  • View top alerts status for failed or incomplete backups
  • See summary of backup policies across servers and databases
  • Quick drill down to backup operations history
  • One click for ad-hoc backups or restores
  • Ability to add a new server to backup
  • View disk space used and savings achieved via compression
  • See longest running backup jobs and top database backups by size

SQL Safe Backup is also designed to work within Idera’s Dashboard providing an integrated common console to use across Idera products.

Define Policies

Define backup, restore and log shipping policies and monitor to ensure backups and restores perform as specified.


Receive alerts on the result of any operation, including failures, warnings, misses or even successful operations in your environment.

Customizable Reports

Complete catalog of best practice reports including “Last Backup” reports that are delivered using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. All reports can be generated using enterprise data and can be easily customized to meet your specific reporting needs.

Multiple Interfaces

Provides multiple interfaces including windows console, web-console, command-line and XSP. New CLI commands enable you to create, update, and deploy new database policies, point-in-time restore, and object level recovery functions.

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