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SQL Safe Backup

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Dashboard : The web-based dashboard enables complete, hands-free, automated management of your entire SQL Server backup infrastructure and ensures compliance with the backup and recovery policies of your organization. View alerts from your environment, summary information about your environment, largest databases and longest backups in your environment, and managed instances. Also add a SQL Server instance, create a policy, backup, and restore directly from the dashboard.

Managed Policies : Create policies for automated backup, restore, and log shipping operations. See all of the existing policies in your environment. For each policy, see the status, policy type, policy name, databases covered, instances covered, last operation, and last operation with failure. Add a SQL Server instance, create a policy, edit a policy, copy a policy, modify properties, remove and delete, and export. Each policy creates SQL Server jobs across servers, runs the backup and restore operations as specified, monitors the policies to ensure that they remain in compliance, and alerts of any problems.

Operation History : See all operations performed by SQL Safe Backup in your environment. For each operation, see the status, details, instance, database, operation, backup type, policy, compressed, uncompressed, ratio, database size, compression, encryption, duration, start time, end time, threads, and actions. Set operation progress, backup again, backup with different options, restore again, restore with different options, add a SQL Server instance, and export.

Managed Databases : View a list of all of the databases that belong to your SQL Server instances. For each database, view the status, instance name, database name, database type, last full backup, last diff backup, last log backup, the number of policies, space used, and actions. Backup ad hoc, restore ad hoc, create a policy, add a SQL Server instance, backup, restore, and export.

Virtual Database : Easily create a virtual database from a single full backup file or from multiple backups: Select backup files created by Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Safe Backup. Specify how to display the virtual database in the console and other SQL Server tools.