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Launchpad : SQL Admin Toolset provides a suite of 24 essential tools for SQL Server management tasks. The tools cover diagnostics, administration, and analytics. Use these tools to breeze through everyday tasks and save hours of work. The tools are organized into an easy to use launchpad. Manage server groups through the launchpad to create, rename and delete server groups as well as manage the instances within these groups.

Password Checker : Find weak passwords that make SQL Server instances vulnerable to attack, replace weak passwords with strong passwords, use industry best practices, and company password policies to test password strength, and save test results. Eliminate weak passwords and security holes from instances.

Multi Query : Run queries against multiple SQL Server instances and databases at the same time, make changes in bulk, create and reuse target lists of instances and databases, save the returned result sets, and track statistics and object properties over time. Save lots of time by easily performing operations on multiple instances at once.

Index Analyzer : Optimize the use of indexes on SQL Server databases, view index usage, analyze the usefulness of each index, examine selectivity levels across indexes, and see vital statistics (such as the number of rows modified and ratio of accesses to row updates) essential for balancing the index usage for data updates and queries. Maximize the performance of databases by applying correct indexes and eliminating bad ones.

Space Analyzer : Identify the disk space and storage usage for SQL Server instances, identify runaway log files, proactively anticipate when new instances need to be brought online, and plan for new databases and hardware upgrades.