Database Agent Job Monitoring and Management for SQL Server

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

Centralized Management

Manage jobs across multiple SQL Server instances anywhere in the SQL environment from a single console. Easily build, modify, or delete any job with a few simple clicks.

Maintenance Mode

Define maintenance windows for specified instances. Configure jobs to run only within the maintenance window, disable jobs and alerts not to run, and stop maintenance jobs when the window closes.

Job Summary

The intuitive job summary provides an at-a-glance overview of the job environment. View the alert summary, schedule of the day’s jobs and their status, and an overview of each managed instance. Point and click to get more details and take action.

Calendar Schedule View

The calendar schedule helps you see jobs and status in a familiar calendar layout. View job schedule by snapshot, day, week, or month across all instances or drill-down into a single one. To reschedule, simply drag and drop.

Job Filters

Use pre-defined and custom filters to quickly search and sort through jobs against specific parameters.

Create and Modify Jobs

Create new SQL Server agent jobs or modify existing jobs on a single instance or across multiple ones. The job wizard provides step-by-step guidance through the job creation process. Select any monitored job to add or edit steps, change the run schedule, or update alerts and notifications.

Job Scheduling and Conflict Resolution

Two capabilities are available to enhance job scheduling efficiency and reduce conflicts. The Server Performance Timeline provides an overview of running jobs across instances as compared to CPU cycles being consumed to identify performance hogs. The Job Overlap view provides details on overlapping job runtimes so scheduling can be adjusted to limit conflicts.

Job Trending Analysis

Analyze job execution results by day, week, month, or year to identify trends and tune performance. View trends like the top failed jobs, most frequently run jobs, and longest running jobs. Even forecast job duration increases and compare highest increases over selected time periods.

Monitor Windows Server Agent Jobs

Monitor and manage Windows Server Agent jobs alongside SQL Server jobs in a single tool to improve productivity and enable cross platform job management.

Alerts and Notifications

Create job alerts and set up email notifications to stay informed and on top of issues as they happen. Set custom alert thresholds to make sure you receive notifications tailored to your environment.

Job History

View the run history of all monitored jobs. The job history page provides an overview of each job’s status, run duration, and summary of the results. Filtered views help you quickly get to the information you want. You can also export the data as a .PDF, .CSV, or XML file.

Job Copy

Easily copy a job and apply to another instance or use as a starting point for the quick creation of a similar job. All the original details of the job are loaded into the job creation wizard making it easy to modify just what needs to change.


  • Built to manage jobs across your entire SQL Server environment
  • Customize the job status collection interval by instance to optimize the balance between performance and data.

Lightweight Web UI

  • Stand-alone web application; no need for IIS.
  • Intuitive web-based UI; sign on and use remotely from anywhere.
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