Database Agent Job Monitoring and Management for SQL Server

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

SQL Enterprise Job Manager Product Tour

Monitor SQL Server agent jobs : SQL Enterprise Job Manager provides comprehensive monitoring of SQL Server agent jobs across the entire SQL Server landscape. The intuitive dashboard provides an easy-to-read overview of the job environment. Get an alert summary, schedule of the day’s jobs and their status, and an overview each managed instance. Point and click to get more details and take action.

Calendar views : View jobs and status in an easy to read calendar format across all of your instances or drill-down to a single instance. View schedule by day, week or month. Quickly view past scheduled and manually run jobs or look ahead to see future scheduled jobs.

Create and modify jobs : Create new SQL Server agent jobs or modify existing jobs on a single managed instance or across multiple instances. The easy-to-use job wizard guides you step-by-step through the job creation process. Click on any monitored job to add or edit steps, change the run schedule, or update alerts and notifications.

Job history : View the run history of all monitored jobs. The job history page provides an overview of each job’s status, run duration, and summary of the results. Filtered views help you quickly get to the information you want. You can also export the data as a .PDF, .CSV, or XML file.

Alerting and notifications : Create job alerts and set up email notifications to stay informed and on top of issues as they happen. Set custom alert thresholds to make sure you receive notifications tailored to your environment with only the relevant information.