SQL Elements

Discover and Visualize Your SQL Server Environment

Take the headache out of inventory. Try SQL Elements:

  • View your SQL Server inventory—Know what you have where & who owns it
  • Auto-discover any new servers installed, to better manage server sprawl
  • Get alerts when a server goes down, or space is running low
  • View server health scorecards to proactively fix potential problems
  • Get best-practice tips & recommendations for fast action fixes

View Inventory

SQL Elements automatically discovers the inventory of SQL Servers across the environment once installed. The Dashboard view provides high-level visibility of server inventory to better understand which servers are improperly managed and what actions might need to be taken. Filter down on individual servers to get insights on what these servers are being used for and what resources are being utilized. Plus, create tags to organize SQL Servers by owner, location or other categories to suit different needs. Read more...

The Instance view displays detail information on the instance such as SQL Server version, memory, number of databases, data size or log size. You can also view configuration settings of the hosted server hardware such as OS version, hard disk size or if the server is virtual. Plus, view the other instances hosted on that server to see how these instances might be competing for memory and resources.

Continuous Server Discovery

SQL Elements is designed to scan the network to find newly added servers and databases. It offers flexible scheduling capabilities for both browser service and computer scans which users can set to recur daily or on particular days of the week. You can also specify the time to conduct the scans. Get complete visibility of the environment landscape, including those servers lurking that you may not have known existed. As soon as these servers are discovered, they are immediately captured to the Inventory View with default options so you can see what actions might be needed to bring them up to maintenance. Read more...

SQL Elements provides different discovery option methods to suit your needs including scan of domain and IP address ranges, and even import of your own server lists from excel. You can specify the discovery methods you wish to use which include: SQL Server Resolution Service, WMI, TCP Probe, Service Control Manager and Windows Registry.

This capability offers full coverage discovery for larger and more complex environments. You can also set a default to automatically register newly added instances to start monitoring immediately as servers are discovered.

Availability Alerting

Subscribe to simple email alerts so you know about problems before your users do. Receive alerts for indicators such as when instances or databases become unresponsive (e.g. server up/down), database has never been backed up or get early warning before you run out of drive space. These items will be identified for review and further drill down.

Health Checks & Action Items

SQL Elements performs daily health checks of the server environment to gauge performance and adherence to best practices and displays its findings in a simple, actionable list format. View recommendations for improvement from SQL Server experts in easy to understand language. Plus, take advantage of built-in context sensitive tips throughout the product to assist in interpreting the information exposed. Explanations provided are free of “jargon” so you don’t have to be an expert to interpret what to do next to speed up server management tasks.

Web-Based UI & Lightweight Architecture

Agent-less, low impact design offers download, install and use in under 5 minutes. Discover servers automatically with no other modules needed or installation of anything on monitored servers. Plus no need for professional services in order to get up and running and use. Read more...

SQL Elements is a stand-alone web application with no need for IIS. Its intuitive web-based UI only needs a simple sign on so you can login and use remotely from anywhere. Plus it is designed to scale up as you grow, capable of supporting the entire environment of servers including DEV, PROD, QA and SQL Express instances. Everything is discovered and can be managed as inventory.

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