Discover, Track and Manage Your SQL Server Inventory

SQL Inventory Manager

  • View your SQL Server inventory - know what you have where & who owns it
  • Auto-discover any new servers installed, to better manage server sprawl
  • Get alerts when a server goes down, or space is running low
  • Set tags to better organize servers and databases across the enterprise
  • Quickly deploy and access from anywhere via web-based and agentless UI

Discover all SQL Servers Across the Enterprise

Scan the network to find all your SQL Servers and databases. Scan by domain, IP address ranges, and/or import your own server lists from excel or CSV files. Flexibly schedule discoveries to locate newly added servers daily, by specific days of the week &/or at particular times of day.

Get Complete Visibility

See all those servers lurking that you may not have known existed including SQL Express instances. Servers discovered are immediately captured to the Inventory View with default options so you can see what actions might be needed to bring them up to maintenance.

Monitor and Manage Inventory

Go beyond Microsoft’s Assessment Planning (MAP) toolkit for SQL Server inventory tracking. Automatic discovery and a Global Dashboard provide high-level visibility of all server inventory. Learn what you have, which servers are improperly configured and what actions might need to be taken for instances competing for memory and resources.

Establish Tags to Group and Analyze Inventory

Create tags at the server, instance and database levels to organize by owner, location, function or other categories to suit different needs. You can even mark servers as “unmanaged” to revisit for follow-up later. A tag cloud displays on the Dashboard that groups the tags created to quickly visualize the size of those groups comparatively by prominence or importance.

Get Availability Alerts and Run Health Checks

Receive email alerts for key server indicators such as when servers are down, whether a database has ever been backed up or early warning when you are about to run out of space. Perform regular health checks on monitored servers to gage adherence to configuration best practices. Plus view the findings in a simple list with recommendations for improvement from SQL Server experts.

Deploy Quickly and Scale Out as Needed

Agentless, low impact design offers download, install and use in under 5 minutes with no other modules or installation necessary of anything on monitored servers. A stand-alone web application with no need for IIS provides a simple sign on to login and use remotely from anywhere. Plus it is designed to scale up as you grow, capable of monitoring and managing thousands of databases running on DEV, PROD, QA, TEST or SQL Express instances.