Simplify SQL Query Tuning

SQL Statistics Aggregator - Free Tool

  • Aggregate IO statistics to identify problem tables
  • Correlate disk activity with query plan nodes
  • Compare runs of a query over time
  • Export and import results for easy collaboration

Stop combing through hard to read Set Statistics IO and Set Statistics Time performance information to troubleshoot your queries. We make comparing runs over time easy and quickly so you can spend your valuable time fixing SQL Server performance issues and less time and energy parsing lines of command results to discover how your query changes impact IO pattern.

Easily Aggregate Statistics IO Data

Group and aggregate Set Statistics IO data by either table or statement. Correlate IO activity with query plan nodes. Compare statistics over multiple runs of a query to aid in tuning and troubleshooting.

Import & Export Statistics Data

Import or paste in statistic and query plan data for analysis, or run the query directly from the tool. Export statistics and save tuning sessions to simplify sharing your work with others.

Elegant Design & Ease of Use

Download and install in a few minutes. Clean, simple UI allows you to get up and running on a new tuning session in seconds.

Integrate with SSMS

SQL Statistics Aggregator is designed to launch directly within SQL Server Management Studio for optimal usability and efficient workflow.

Use Cases

Use this tool for a variety of performance tuning purposes including:

  1. Identifying which statement in a batch is consuming the most overall IO
  2. Spotting tables which are creating IO hot spots in your queries
  3. Comparing IO to isolate problem operations
  4. Viewing changes to the IO patterns

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