Run and Protect SQL Database Integrity Check

SQL Integrity Check - Free Tool

  • Initiate Checks - easily run a CHECKDB for any database on-demand
  • Identify Corruption - view integrity check results to identify corruption
  • Verify Last Check - routinely verifies when last check was performed
  • Automatic Notification - receive alerts when databases are due for checks
  • Save time – no need to write and maintain scripts

Verify Last Integrity Check

Register databases and SQL Integrity Check will, on a regular basis, verify when the last known successful integrity check was performed. This helps identify any possible corruption early on so you can take action quickly instead of finding out a fix is needed after the corruption has grown even larger in scope.

Initiate Integrity Checks

Run a CHECKDB integrity check anytime on-demand for any SQL server. No need to write any t-sql, just open the tool and select the SQL server.

Identify Database Corruption

After an integrity check is complete, SQL Integrity Check will present the errors and corruption areas discovered in a very easy-to-understand report along with the recommended repair level. You can then determine what remedial actions are needed to fix the errors.

Automatic Notification

Set frequency levels for how often you would like to perform integrity checks. Plus receive notification automatically via the system tray when those dates have been exceeded. This ensures that you are regularly checking the integrity of your SQL Server databases.

Save Time

There is no need to write or maintain any t-sql scripts to run integrity checks. SQL Integrity Check will run checks for you on any of the SQL Servers you have registered to track.


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