Database Management for SQL Server, Amazon RDS for SQL Server, and Oracle Database

Free Tool - Rapid Database Extractor

With Rapid Database Extractor, gain quick visibility into SQL Server and Oracle databases from a single user interface to simplify exploring and manipulating database content by streamlining and automating common and repetitive tasks, and reducing error.

Rapid SQL offers additional capabilities to create high-performing SQL code on the leading database management systems from one interface, readily build, analyze, execute and debug complex SQL code, and collaborate effectively across teams.

Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of these two tools. Download a free trial of Rapid SQL today!

  Rapid Database Extractor Rapid SQL
Integrated development environment
Advanced wizards and utilities  
Supported data sources SQL Server, Oracle SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and more
Schema browsing Limited
Schema development  
Assisted SQL code editing
Visual SQL query builder  
View estimated execution plan
Selective SQL query execution
SQL debugging  
Performance optimization  
Export data to common file formats
SQL code version control  
Documentation Offline Built-in and offline
24/7 support via comprehensive support site, email, live chat, and phone  
Evaluation copies available N/A Yes, free for 14 days
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If you like Rapid Database Extractor you should try Rapid SQL to get access to advanced guidance and tools, support for additional database management systems, full manipulation and creation of all database objects, point-and-click query building tools, debugging, performance optimization, code repositories, built-in help, and full support.

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