Monitor the Performance of SQL Memory-optimized Tables

SQL Hekaton Memory Check – Free Tool

  • Monitor the impact of memory optimized tables on server memory
  • Identify high memory utilizing tables
  • Assess server memory capacity
  • Simulate moving to In-Memory OLTP

Memory-optimized tables significantly increase the execution speed of operations. However, they also increase system memory usage, potentially impacting other operations. SQL Hekaton Memory check monitors the memory use of memory-optimized tables and provides visualizations of their impact on server memory capacity.

Monitor Memory Optimized Tables

Using memory optimized tables has the potential to stress system memory resources as transaction volume rises. This tool allows you to monitor the utilization of system memory by memory optimized tables so you can see the overall impact in real-time and make adjustments as needed to improve performance.

Identify Top Memory Hogs

Connecting to an instance lists databases that contain memory optimized tables. View memory utilization of these databases and see details about individual tables within each database to identify the top memory consumers.

Support Capacity Planning

Check the ongoing impact of memory optimized tables on system memory utilization to identify trends and help with memory capacity planning.

Simulate Moving to In-Memory OLTP

Monitor sample and test movements of processing to memory optimized tables to simulate larger migrations to In-Memory OLTP with SQL Server 2014.

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