Prevent, detect, and mitigate tempdb performance problems.

SQL Server’s tempdb stores a significant amount of data.

Tempdb can fill up quickly when an instance is low on disk space or it has a low maximum size for database growth. Specific workloads may cause excessive space usage and create contention in tempdb. Such tempdb problems can affect the performance of the entire server.

Status And Performance

View a summary overview of the status and performance of tempdb.

View charts that display capacity usage and recent trends for tempdb.


Alert for contention, version store generation, and version store size.

Report on statistics for space utilization and data throughput over time for tempdb.


Identify and resolve tempdb issues by monitoring tempdb via a set of dedicated charts, views, and alerts with SQL Diagnostic Manager for tempdb file space, tempdb version store, tempdb session space usage, and waits related to tempdb.

Maximize the availability, health and performance of your SQL Server databases via robust monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and reporting with SQL Diagnostic Manager:
  • View real-time information for the entire system including top issues and alerts.
  • Predict, pinpoint, and resolve performance problems with predictive alerting and advanced diagnostics.
  • View overview dashboards and drill-down for detailed information including expert advice.
  • Reduce costly server slowdown and downtime, and prevent impact on end-user applications.

For tempdb monitoring, we rate SQL Diagnostic Manager as best in class as compared to its competition.

Omar Ramos Senior IT Manager at Fidelity National Financial
(large enterprise, financial services, USA, 1,000+ SQL Server databases)

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Whitepaper: Demystify Tempdb Performance and Management

Read this whitepaper to discover how to make the right decisions for managing tempdb to help you determine the proper solution for any given scenario. Learn what tempdb is, how to use it, some common significant problems, and how to prevent them.The whitepaper also provides some best practices on configuring and monitoring tempdb. The presented best practices will help to prevent, detect, and mitigate common tempdb performance problems.

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