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Requirements to become an Idera ACE:
  • Enthusiastic and respectful members and leaders of the database and data professional community
  • Accomplished contributors to the database and/or data modeling community
  • Good speaker, writer and presenter
  • Demonstrated a passion for educating fellow community members
The search has begun for the 2019 IDERA ACEs. IDERA believes in the Database and Data Modeling community and there is no better way for us to show our commitment than to offer a program that will encourage communication, facilitate participation, and enable education
IDERA ACEs are active community members who have shown a passion for helping the community and sharing their knowledge. We help the IDERA ACEs pursue that passion by sponsoring travel to select events, offering guidance for soft skill training, and providing access to our extensive portfolio of database lifecycle management products.
Industry experts (such as database administrators, data modelers/architects, database developers, or consultants) who want to travel to select SQL and Data Management events, share their experiences, educate the community, and help influence and improve IDERA product development.
Benefit from IDERA sponsorship by speaking at more industry conferences and community events, and help IDERA provide top-notch tools by providing your real-world perspective on our products and how we can improve them.
As time allows in your already busy schedule, but the more you contribute, the more you get back.
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Additional Details:
The IDERA ACE program was designed to help a select group of industry professionals who have shown a passion for teaching and mentoring others in the community.
We help the Idera ACEs by:
  • Sponsoring travel to present at select SQL and Data Administration Management events
  • Providing opportunities to present at virtual and physical events with industry thought leaders
  • Offering marketing opportunities to promote their brand and their contributions to the community
  • Providing guidance on best practices on how to become an outstanding presenter and a thought leader
  • Providing an inside scoop and a direct feedback path into all things IDERA
The ACEs remain eligible by:
  • Thanking IDERA for their sponsorship when speaking at a sponsored event
  • Contributing 2-4 original blog posts per year on a relevant industry topic
  • Making themselves available for at least 1 product beta test cycle each 6 months during the course of their time in the ACEs program
  • Maintaining a presence in IDERA Social Media and making at least 5 IDERA mentions per month on Twitter
  • Maintaining a presence in our online product community ( by commenting or starting conversation threads
  • Keeping the database and data modeling community one that is safe, friendly, and helpful.
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