What is Parallels Cloud Server?

Parallels Cloud Server is a cloud server software suite that combines Parallels Cloud Storage with Parallels Containers and Parallels Hypervisor to help businesses improve server reliability, performance and profitability.

With Parallels Cloud Server, service providers can build a highly reliable distributed shared storage cluster similar to a SAN.  Parallels Cloud Server storage is, however, much more cost effective than a SAN as it takes advantage of the unused free disk space on your servers. Pooling unutilized disk space minimizes or obviates the need for the dedicated shared storage hardware typically required by SANs, and offers an extremely low cost cloud storage alternative.

Moreover, with Parallels Cloud Server you can create, store and run virtual machines and containers, forget about downtime because of HDD and RAID failures, enjoy ultra-high availability servers, undertake live migration of servers between physical hosts and easily scale storage beyond locally available disk space.

Parallels Cloud Server also offers complete protection against data loss or temporary app downtime by mirroring data to a number of copies (replicas) located on different machines. This strategy protects data from both single point hardware and control failures. To further improve reliability, you can configure Parallels Cloud Server to maintain user data checksums as well verify them on access and periodically.

Server management software leader Idera’s products such as Server Backup Manager are designed to work across nearly all platforms, including Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Virtuozzo.