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Manage SQL Server Security & Permissions

IDERA SQL Secure discovers security vulnerabilities and user permissions for SQL Server and Azure SQL databases and ensures security policies are enforced. Find out who has access to what and identify each user’s effective rights across all SQL Server objects. Alert on violations of your corporate policies, monitor changes made to security settings, and generate security audit reports as well as recommendations on how to improve your security model.


Because of the many different and complex ways to grant access to SQL Server and Azure SQL databases - including server and database roles, Active Directory and local groups, inherited permissions, explicit grants and denies, just to name a few - it is virtually impossible to manually analyze a security model across instances or determine a user’s rights on specific database objects. SQL Secure does this for you, answering the important question, “Who can do what, where, and how on my SQL databases?” Hybrid environments that combine on-premises and in-cloud deployments are becoming more common as organizations strive to incorporate new technologies into their deployments. SQL Secure provides a comprehensive, automated solution for analyzing, monitoring, and reporting on security access rights in SQL Server and Azure SQL databases, whether on premises, in the cloud, or both.


  • Identify vulnerabilities in your SQL Server and Azure environments
  • Harden security policies across SQL Server and Azure SQL databases
  • Rank security levels with the security report card
  • Analyze and report on user permissions across database objects
  • Comply with audits using customizable templates for CIS, PCI DSS, and more


Powerful Security Model Analysis
Gather a complete picture of the security of your SQL Server and Azure environments with the in-depth analysis and reporting tools provided by SQL Secure. Assess the effectiveness of user permissions, view details about users and group, and browse object access rights with an intuitive user interface.

Continuous Change Monitoring
SQL Secure provides the ability to capture snapshots of the security model on a regularly scheduled or ad-hoc basis in order to identify changes to access rights and security settings. This enables rapid analysis and detection of unwanted changes to security settings.

Regulatory Policy Templates
Use the IDERA and industry standard policy templates to harden your SQL Server security model. By creating policies from these templates for regulatory compliance, you can enforce consistent security settings across your enterprise and proactively assess when and where vulnerabilities exist.

Entitlement Reporting
Use the report catalog to track vulnerabilities, security changes, and user entitlement over time, with built-in report formats or customized reports using Microsoft Reporting Services.

Comprehensive Security
Additional security audit rules and security checks give greater visibility for database access checks, configuration checks, data encryption checks, and permission checks for on premises, hybrid, and in-cloud environments.

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