Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

IDERA Helps Colorado State University Manage Global Interlibrary Loan System


RapidILL Technologies is a unique resource sharing system that was designed by the Interlibrary Loan staff at Colorado State University (CSU) Libraries. The solution enables libraries around the world to exchange material faster, more efficiently and at lower costs, from sharing journal articles and book chapters, to automatic processing, routing and load leveling. The RapidILL team has 12 full-time employees and is charged with supporting the vision and sale of software solutions on behalf of its growing customer base of libraries while ensuring that RapidILL databases are updated and running at peak performance.


RapidILL has more than 15 SQL Server databases. As its transactional volume grew, RapidILL’s DBA team needed a database management tool that could keep up with demand while streamlining operations and increasing efficiencies. The organization sought an SQL Server management solution that provided speed, ease of use, database configuration recommendations and the ability to do with more with less.


Based on a recommendation from the organization’s IT consultant, RapidILL conducted a trial of IDERA products which produced immediate, strong results. According to Greg Eslick, director of RapidILL Technologies, “We went live with our product at an enterprise level solution and have benefited from a variety of IDERA tools ever since.”


Over the past 10 years, RapidILL has grown its IDERA footprint significantly. Today the organization uses multiple IDERA products, including SQL Doctor, SQL Safe Backup, SQL Toolbox and SQL Diagnostic Manager, which have helped RapidILL save significant man-hours by quickly identifying deadlocks.

The organization also credits IDERA with providing deep insights into its overall system performance—and delivering unexpected efficiency gains associated with ease of use.

Over time, IDERA has helped RapidILL grow the volume of library resources accessible via the system, better track library assets and provide quality service to even more libraries around the world.

Eslick commented, “IDERA has made some of the most difficult IT management tasks easier, while helping us make books and other educational resources more readily available. We strongly believe in the IDERA SQL Server management tools and I would recommend them to any organization.”

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