Find and fix deadlocks for SQL Server with SQL Diagnostic Manager

Relational databases require locking for concurrent operations to prevent data inconsistency and loss. However, locking impairs how well databases perform. The locking process is often complex.

SQL server deadlocks occur when concurrent processes compete for locks on shared resources. One of the two processes needs to abort and roll back so that the other process can continue. This affects database performance.

View queries information to explore query data for deadlocks.

Information Explore
Mobile Console

Use the mobile console to display, diagnose, and fix deadlocks on mobile devices.

Track sessions performance for deadlocks with dedicated metrics and alerts.

Metrics Alerts
Activity Monitor

Adjust the activity monitor options for deadlocks to establish an acceptable system overhead.

Analyze locked sessions to detect deadlocks in the problem locks view and the lock statistics wait chart.

Blocked Session

Analyze blocked sessions to detect deadlocks in the blocking chart and the deadlock sessions report.

Monitor alert, diagnose, and report on deadlocks for SQL Server with SQL Diagnostic Manager.
Diagnostic Manager

Use prescriptive analysis with expert advice to detect and rectify deadlock activity.

Report on deadlock monitoring, including changes with the most significant performance impact.

Monitor log flushes that may show deadlocks especially for online transaction processing (OLTP)

Alert on deadlocks and display information that helps with diagnosing deadlocks.

For several alerts related to deadlocks, deliver only a single message with summary information.

Monitor managed cloud databases for deadlock metrics.

Solution Brief: Find and Fix SQL Server Deadlocks

Read this solution brief to learn more about how to monitor, alert, diagnose, and report on deadlocks for SQL Server with SQL Diagnostic Manager. In particular, view deadlocks for session and query performance, analyze locked and blocked sessions with deadlocks, and detect deadlocks with prescriptive analysis. Also, access deadlock metrics for managed cloud instances, display deadlocks in the mobile console, and set activity monitor options for deadlocks.

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"With SQL Diagnostic Manager, we resolve issues with deadlocks in a more efficient manner." Ron Power, IT Systems Analyst, City of St Johns

IT Systems Analystat , City of St Johns, state and local government,
Canada, 10 to 24 SQL Server databases

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