Take PowerShell To The Next Level


Combine PowerShell and SQL Diagnostic Manager to proactively monitor SQL
Server performance, set up predictive alerting, troubleshoot via expert
recommendations, and more.

Flexible Automation and Monitoring for PowerShell

Utilize the vast power of PowerShell scripts via the customizable monitoring environment of SQL Diagnostic Manager.

  • Automate administration of SQL Diagnostic Manager deployments
  • Customize properties of monitored SQL Servers
  • Execute scripts in response to alerts
  • Connect existing scripts to monitoring environment to automate execution
  • Use powerful monitoring environment instead of writing certain scripts
flexible automation
flexible automation

24/7 SQL Server Performance Monitoring

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize the performance of physical and virtual environments with predictive alerting and expert recommendations.

  • Monitor queries and query plans to see causes of blocks and deadlocks
  • Monitor application transactions with SQL Workload Analysis add-on
  • View summaries of top issues and alerts with web-based dashboard

Increased SQL Server Availability

Proactively monitor the health, performance, and readiness of servers via a central console, web-based dashboard, and mobile device.

  • Summarize current and historical situation across the enterprise
  • Display comprehensive real-time activity, status, and performance information
  • View metrics for sessions, queries, system resources, databases, services, and logs

Achieve comprehensive 24×7 SQL performance monitoring with SQL Diagnostic Manager. Learn more.


“SQL Diagnostic Manager is that rare tool that can be used in all phases of database administration and development. It allows me to see real-time performance gain or loss and to quickly dial-in on performance issues. Also, with the historical information SQL Diagnostic Manager provides, it’s much easier to head off problems before they occur.
– Database Architect, Renaissance Learning, Inc.


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