Whitepaper : Troubleshooting Locking with DMVs

  • Locking, Blocking, and Deadlocks
  • Lock Conversion
  • Identifying Competing Locks
Presenter: Robert L Davis
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This whitepaper is an advanced guide for DBAs on the troubleshooting locking problems in SQL Server using Dynamic Management Views (DMVs).

Database administrators (DBAs) are often called upon to investigate performance problems related to locking, but most investigations into locking rarely go beyond checking for blocks or investigating deadlocks. It is not very often that DBAs or SQL developers try to get a deeper understanding of locks that are occurring.

This paper will outline some techniques using Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) for understanding the full impact of the locks generated by a query. Then it will show you how you can combine the transaction locks DMV (sys.dm_tran_locks) with the execution DMVs (sys.dm_exec_requests, sys.dm_exec_sql_text, and sys.dm_exec_query_plan) to capture a snapshot that gives you the complete picture of locking activity hitting a specific table.

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