Solution Brief: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Highlights of SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro

Presenter: IDERA
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IDERA offers a wide range of products covering the needs of database administrators (DBA) for Microsoft SQL Server. Also, IDERA provides a wide range of capabilities within SQL Diagnostic Manager (SDM) spanning the demands of complete and holistic performance management and analysis.

For more advanced application transaction monitoring and SQL query optimization capabilities, IDERA offers SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro, which includes SDM plus the add-ons SQL Workload Analysis (SWA) and SQL Query Tuner (SQT).

Combining the deep functionality and customizable monitoring and presentation of SDM with the quick drill-down transaction monitoring and recommendations of the add-on SWA provides the best of both worlds. That functionality includes the simplified drill-down interface when needed without sacrificing the context of complete holistic monitoring.

This solution brief highlights key features of IDERA’s SDM Pro such as wait type analysis, user interface, ease of use, history, database server load, database server and cloud support, integrated product portfolio, user community, and customer base.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro includes SQL Diagnostic Manager plus the add-ons SQL Workload Analysis and SQL Query Tuner.

The SQL Workload Analysis add-on also offers historical query plan trends, a customizable transactions dashboard with drill-down analysis, detailed query monitoring, and detailed query wait time analysis. It also provides query tuning and recommendations, query plan tuning and recommendations, lock and latch resolutions, storage contention resolution, and continuous and high-granularity query sampling.

The SQL Query Tuner add-on also provides visual query tuning, batch query tuning, query rewrite, explain plan cost, index analysis, continuous query profiling with drill-down, query load testing simulation, and automation via the command-line interface.

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