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Why Use IDERA ER/Studio?

IDERA ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition is a powerful modeling and metadata collaboration solution that helps you design a business-driven data architecture. With ER/Studio you can document your enterprise architecture with business processes, entities, and data flows that accurately represent your organization and its priorities. Build a solid data architecture foundation with logical and physical transactional and dimensional models, to maximize corporate data value and incorporate your active data stores into the data models quickly and easily with reverse engineering, to leverage work that has already been done.

IDERA ER/Studio is able to capture business terms and their definitions in a central metadata repository where key stakeholders can access and contribute to corporate knowledge and make it easier for DBAs and developers to align their work with the defined data architecture for better visibility and consistency. You can track model changes associated with development tasks and user stories, and manage versions using the integrated model repository. Learn More at →

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