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Geek Sync | Empower Customer Business Intelligence Through Data Catalogs and Data Intelligence

Presenter: David Loshin

In recent years, the evolution of underlying data warehousing, data integration, and data preparation technologies has facilitated the evolution of the enterprise data warehouse from a conceptual “data dump” into a thoughtfully structured set of capabilities for data analyst enablement. However, sophisticated end-users have a greater need for precision and accuracy when designing a business intelligence solution. Some particular challenges include understanding analyst expectations, identifying and managing information sources, ensuring consistency across different data sources, and maintaining relationships among different pieces of information.

The key to addressing these challenges is knowledge – knowledge about the enterprise data landscape, knowledge about the processes and procedures for accessing and consuming information, and knowledge about the “data mechanics” employed to ultimately produce a usable reporting and analytics environment. In this Geek Sync, David Loshin explores three aspects to managing this enterprise data knowledge: the collection of data intelligence, its organization and enhancement, and facilitation through use. David will then discuss how an enterprise data catalog synergizes these aspects and helps analysts determine which enterprise data assets are best suited for any specific business scenario’s reporting and analytics needs.

Speaker: David Loshin is the President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc., a consulting and development company focusing on customized information management solutions including information quality solutions consulting, information quality training and business rules solutions. David is a recognized thought leader and expert consultant in the areas of analytics, big data, data governance, data quality, master data management, and business intelligence. Along with consulting on numerous data management projects over the past 20 years, David is also a prolific author regarding business intelligence best practices, with numerous books and papers on data management.

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