Database Change Management

Nobody said that managing database change would be easy. Since the first database was deployed, database administrators have been tasked with understanding and tracking the changes being made to the database, whether it’s a controlled propagation of changes up through the development lifecycle or understanding the changes that were needed to remedy a poor performing database. DBAs have used many methods and techniques from handwritten scripts that apply the specific changes to a complete recreation of the database. The methods can vary, but one thing stays consistent. An automated database change control process can improve accuracy and efficiency within your organization.

Automate Database Change Management

By standardizing on an automated approach that utilizes software designed specifically for database change management, you can accomplish several things. First, it’s a defined repeatable process, one that can be scheduled to run and the results distributed to one or several people. Here, the job is defined and is able to be scheduled at that defined time.


Automate Change Management Processes

By defining the email notification, I’m able to send the results of the job to my entire DBA team. Second, you shift the heavy lifting from the person to the application. The DBA can now spend their time on more important items. The application takes into consideration the nuances of the specific versions of the databases and can report on that level of change. Lastly, the results are in a format that allows action to be immediately taken. Depending on the outcome of the job, the change can be rolled back or promoted through the process. For jobs where changes are detected, synchronization scripts are created and can be attached to the email notification, providing the DBA with a specific SQL code needed. If you’re in an environment where you’re doing the heavy lifting and manually managing change, we invite you to take a look at embarked errors DB Change Manager and experience the ease with which you can automate your change management process.

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Automate Change Management

DB Change Manager

IDERA DB Change Manager is an essential database change management tool for DBAs and database professionals. It uniquely offers automated compare and synchronization capabilities to simplify change operations. Rapidly identify changes, streamline upgrades to new releases and pinpoint environmental differences resulting from changes at the data, schema and database configuration levels.

Adopting reliable, repeatable, and efficient processes to manage database changes is vital to the success of any software project. DB Change Manager puts the power of change tracking, schema comparison, software-generated synchronization scripts, and flexible reporting into the hands of DBAs and development teams. Powerful change control and automated correction capabilities reduce your exposure to downtime. Learn More →

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