The Datasource Explorer is a two-pane window that lets you navigate through the database objects and other elements available in your data sources. It also lets you initiate actions against the data source and its components. Our View menu command lets you open the Datasource Explorer.

The most fundamental Datasource Explorer task is to connect to a data source. When connecting to a data source an expandable object tree opens in the left-hand pane. You can expand nodes on the tree to drill down to lower level objects. The database’s node not only shows you the databases defined for the data source but lets you view the component database objects.

As you can see the key database objects are accessible. When you select a node on the left-hand pane, additional detail is displayed in the right hand pane. You can see the indexes that have been defined for the database. The right-hand pane provides key details for each index.

You can initiate many DBArtisan features from this listing. For most object types, the Datasource Explorer lets you Create or Edit objects, Drop objects, extract DDL from the objects, or migrate the object for different use on a DBMS platform. Actions specific to the object type and the DBMS platform are also available.

In the case of indexes on SQL Server databases you can see that the update statistics, rebuild index, disable index, and reorganize index sections are available.

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How To Use the Datasource Explorer in DBArtisan

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