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New in ER/Studio 19.0: Azure Synapse, Business Glossary, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL

ER/Studio 19.0 is a major release with some important new features. This release connects data architects closer to the data governance initiative. It accomplishes this with improved business glossary capabilities. It also provides a deepening support for Microsoft platforms with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics as a new platform and improved support for Microsoft SQL Server.

Improvements to ER/Studio Data Architect 19.0 appear in the following areas:

  • Improved business glossary support
  • – Allow data architects access to business terms to map to data models. Leverage the knowledge of data architects in building a data catalog.

  • Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (new platform)
  • – Core platform support. Allows our clients to exploit Azure Synapse and plan migration to the cloud.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • – Support for many features of SQL Server so that clients can use features of the database all in one place. Supported features include: Support for SQL Server 2019, common table expressions (CTE) in Views, filtered indexes, column store indexes, spatial indexes, table and index compression, temporal tables, extended properties.

  • PostgreSQL
  • – Inheritance relationships. Convert constructs in the logical model to new features in PostgreSQL for inheritance.

Improvements to ER/Studio Team Server and Repository 19.0 appear in the following areas:

  • Advanced ontology support
  • – Model the information of the organization used for data governance as a formal ontology, allowing users to classify and find information better.

  • Graphical visualization
  • – Improved user experience to navigate models

  • Business term harvesting
  • – Kick start your data governance initiative by harvesting terms and ontological relationships from logical models.

  • Run on Azure SQL Database
  • – Enable clients that are moving applications to the Azure cloud.

  • Updated ER/Studio Business Architect 19.0 to work with the latest version of the repository.
  • Watch this video to see ER/Studio 19.0 in action.

    For more information, please refer to Video : Azure SQL Database.

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