Solution Brief : Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Keep Track of Database Performance

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor (UIM) is an enterprise tool that provides a unified view for Information Technology systems monitoring. Although comprehensive and scalable, UIM is also easy to use and deploys in minutes. Through proactive, comprehensive, and integrated monitoring, reporting, and alerting, UIM gives complete visibility and control over the availability, performance, and capacity of Information Technology environments — including applications, physical and virtual machines, network devices, and storage.

UIM also monitors the performance of the following relational database management systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL and MariaDB
  • IBM Db2
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP (Sybase) ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise)

This solution brief discusses the service monitors and the advanced monitor plug-ins for database performance monitoring.

Presenter: IDERA

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