Why use SQL Defrag Manager?

Automated analysis: Analysis of over 20 key metrics to pinpoint fragmentation hotspots.

Intelligent remediation: Intelligent heuristics to determine the best-fit approach and schedule for defragmentation, ensuring minimum impact to production servers.

Continuous improvement: Analysis of historical fragmentation statistics, enabling SQL Defrag Manager to intelligently refine its approach.

Centralized management: Management console to provide central control of defragmentation activity across hundreds of servers.

Granular retrospective analysis: Ability to drill down to a point-in-time snapshot and see what was causing system issues.

Comprehensive reporting: Easily-run reports to verify that database performance is continually optimized.

Resource monitor: Ability to postpone defragmentation operations when resource contention issues are discovered.

Automated alerting: Email alerts to inform administrators of fragmentation issues and policy results.

Easily adjust policies: Set it and forget it policies to easily adjust how you handle your fragmentation issues.

Immediate feedback: Alerts when there are issues and automated responses to common problems.

For more information, please refer to Datasheet: SQL Defrag Manager .

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Why Use SQL Defrag Manager?

IDERA SQL Defrag Manager is a powerful solution capable of detecting SQL Server database fragmentation hot spots and defragmenting them automatically. Its centralized management console enables users to control all defragmentation activities across hundreds of servers. It also makes it easy for users to run reports, to automate alerting, and set appropriate defragmentation policies. SQL Defrag Manager performs the defragmentation process through scheduling of jobs to ensure minimum impact to production servers and avoids any potential problems with system resource pre-checks. Learn More →

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