Database Compliance Auditing for SQL Server

SQL Compliance Manager

Monitor, audit, and alert on user activity and data changes

Your databases contain valuable business assets. Gain peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure from external breaches and insider threats. Address your industry's tough regulatory requirements with confidence, and pass audits with ease against guidelines such as HIPAA, GDPR, and many others.

  • Monitor, alert, and log access to databases and servers
  • Scan your databases to identify sensitive data
  • Create trustworthy audit records and reports

We have several users of the database, and SQL Compliance Manager makes it way easier to identify what changes they have made. It makes everyone accountable to what they are doing on the system.

Database Administrator, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

SQL Compliance Manager has ensured we meet and surpass our audit needs with less effort and time.

Database Administrator, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

Since implementing SQL Compliance Manager, we achieved much quicker analysis for regulatory compliance.

Andy Whallen, Database Administrator, TrialCard, Inc.

We employ an outside auditor every year. This tool helps our DBAs prepare for that audit so we can easily compare the auditor’s findings with ours. This provides a feeling of assurance to our management.

Database Administrator, Membership Organization


Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC decreased the amount of time they used to spend generating audit compliance reports by more than 75% from using SQL Compliance Manager.


Since using SQL Compliance Manager, 92% of surveyed customers have improved their ability to monitor sensitive data access.


With SQL Compliance Manager, we’ve reduced the unauthorized usage of SQL Native service accounts by 99%.


Since using SQL Compliance Manager, 100% of surveyed customers have experienced an improvement in generating compliance reports.

SQL Compliance Manager helps you understand your SQL Server environment's condition and generate compliance reports. Monitor and audit SQL Server database and server activity across the whole environment-whether by ordinary users, applications, or privileged insiders.

Track and manage SQL Server database compliance quickly and easily

Support comprehensive auditing with flexible configurations of database events including before-and-after data values. Events can be captured for data changes resulting from INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE activity, or additional application context can be included within your audit trail.

Identify sensitive information within your environment

Discover the location of sensitive data that needs to be audited using the integrated sensitive column search. Audit any combination of sensitive columns and track who has issued “SELECT” statements against any table, whether they are end-users or privileged users.

Monitor and alert on suspicious activity to detect and track potential problems

Identify potential threats: Track access and changes to servers and databases, evaluate row count information, monitor sensitive data sets, alert on failed logins, and customize alerts to be notified about activities that could cause harm to your SQL Server environment.

Satisfy audits with configurations and reports for multiple regulatory guideline requirements

Easily apply auditing settings for sensitive data and privileged users to your servers and databases with a range of regulation-specific templates. Create customized reports from a comprehensive library of pre-defined compliance reports with flexible filters that address security auditing and compliance reporting requirements.

  • Apply the right auditing settings to your servers and databases for PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NERC, CIS, FERPA, SOX, GDPR, and HIPAA regulations.
  • Quickly compare your customized or modified audit configuration against the regulation guidelines to verify that your settings are compliant.
  • Reduce data collection, transmission, and storage overhead with powerful filtering capabilities that enable you to collect only the data that is important for audit and compliance.
  • Define and apply default configuration settings at the server or database level, view any differences from default settings, and add new databases to the auditing list automatically.
  • Perform comprehensive auditing of SQL Server data changes and database events, including trace events, extended events, and audit logs.
  • Discover sensitive data that needs to be audited using the integrated sensitive column search, then audit any combination of columns and be alerted when they are accessed.
  • Compare before/after data (BAD) values resulting from inserts, updates, and deletions on any table.
  • Audit privileged users to ensure all database accesses are tracked and reported, or designate a Server Level Trusted User to reduce data collection for that user.
  • Define rules to receive immediate notification, with customizable alerts for more than 200 specific SQL Server Event types that can be stored in the audit repository, emailed directly to a user, or written to an event log.
  • Filter, alert on, and audit user-defined events, for full tracking and reporting of privileged user database activity.
  • Configure multiple event threshold levels, and set system alerts (via email, event log, or SNMP) when they are exceeded.
  • Issue alerts based on defined rules for events, status, or data for sensitive columns or before/after data (BAD) changes.
  • Easily manage and track audit activity over a large number of servers with real-time monitoring of agent activity and the audit data stream.
  • Guarantee the integrity of audit data with an immutable repository that automatically detects attempts to change or tamper with data.
  • Avoid losing audit data trail in the event of failure—automatically switch auditing from primary to the secondary replica in the event of failure, and failback to primary when it comes back online.
  • Grant users read-only auditor privileges, to support report and query execution as well as self-audit, integrity reporting, and configuration and data collection parameter change alerts.

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