Enterprise Data Modeling Plus

ER/Studio Product and Feature Comparison

Enterprise Data Modeling, Metadata Management, and Data Governance Made Easier

The World Runs on Data…ER/Studio Runs Data Smarter

ER/Studio is more than a data modeling tool; it’s a strategic enabler. ER/Studio empowers organizations to model their data wherever it resides, understand it, and strategically leverage it. The benefits of Data Governance can be attained and management is simplified because of the comprehensive enterprise data model and business glossaries ER/Studio produces. ER/Studio bridges the gap between technical data management and strategic business decision-making.

Your environment is unique, as are your data strategy and management needs. Speaking to a product specialist is the best place to start.


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ER/Studio Works with: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL ServerSQL, IBM Db2, MongoDB, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Teradata, and many more. Coming soon Databricks – stay tuned.

ER/Studio Integrates with: Collibra, Silwood Safyr, MetaIntegration, Atlassian Jira, and WhereScape. Many more integrations coming soon.

ER/Studio Standard

ER/Studio Standard (Data Architect) is designed for crafting clear, business-focused data models. It supports a wide range of data schemas, accommodating everything from operational databases to advanced data warehouses and business intelligence systems.

Starting at $1,470


  • Articulate data requirements through graphical models.
  • Design and document a wide range of data products using forward and reverse engineering.
  • Use Compare/Merge function to translate changes into ALTER scripts for your databases as business requirements evolve.

ER/Studio Professional

Expands ER/Studio Standard with a repository for team collaboration and project version management that propels data modeling strategy. This allows for streamlined teamwork that provides a robust framework for managing various iterations of data models.

Includes ER/Studio Standard, PLUS:

  • Collaborate easily with team-based model sharing and versioning.
  • Leverage central repository for data models for broader team collaboration.
  • Build libraries of shared components that drive standardization.

ER/Studio Enterprise

ER/Studio Enterprise, paired with Team Server Core, is designed to manage large-scale enterprise projects. This combination connects data architecture seamlessly with data governance, creating an integrated, company-wide data ecosystem.

Includes ER/Studio Professional, PLUS:

  • Use MetaWizard bridges to model a broad range of data platforms.
  • Create a business glossary integrated with popular Data Governance tools.
  • Develop and publish an enterprise data model with conceptual and logical layers for strategic planning.
  • or strategic planning.

Full Metadata and Data Lineage Import and Export