ER/Studio Collibra Integration

Create a Unified Data Ecosystem

Purpose built integration between ER/Studio and Collibra.
Connect data modeling, data architecture and data governance to create a unified data ecosystem. Harvest information from data models. Automatically populate and synchronize business glossaries.


Data Architects have intimate and long-term knowledge of an organization’s data assets and information. This makes them ideal contributors to an organization’s data governance program.

Since data architects are responsible for designing data assets, they have a comprehensive understanding of their structure – including tables and columns, objects and fields. This understanding enables them to map such assets to business terms.

Data Architects can also provide data governance teams with business terms and detail the ontological relationships between those terms.

With ER/Studio, data architects can harvest this information from logical data models, ensuring a comprehensive account of terms is collected. The integration with Collibra means this information can be easily and seamlessly populated within the Collibra platform.


With the ER/Studio-Collibra integration users can automate business glossary management processes, leading to time savings, more comprehensive business glossaries and a richer data catalog.

The business glossary automation capabilities help foster a unified data ecosystem. This improves the team’s ability to collaborate, but also safeguards against inconsistencies between the two platforms.

The ER/Studio-Collibra integration’s powerful automation capabilities synchronize the Business Glossaries between the two toolsets. This means Data Architects have selected Business Glossaries available inside their day to day toolset and can use them to map to data modelling objects. They can then contribute classified models to the Collibra data catalog.

As they discover they need new terms, they can create them in ER/Studio which are then passed to Collibra and into the standard workflow.

Business terms and relationships between terms are harvested from Logical Data Models to quickly and efficiently seed Business Glossaries, kick starting the data governance project.

The integration also allows for logical and physical data models of data assets – mapped to Business terms – to be published to the Collibra Catalog.

While the ER/Studio-Collibra integration is ideal for organizations kicking off a data governance project, it is also ideal for maintaining and expanding current data governance initiatives.


Collibra Integration video

See how ER/Studio and Collibra work together to connect data architecture, data governance and data modeling via purpose built integration

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