IntelliCompress and IntelliCompress2™ are application and server management industry leader Idera’s cutting-edge compression tools. This sophisticated technology continually samples system resource usage and automatically adjusts to the ideal compres­sion level.

First introduced in SQL Safe 6.0, SQL Safe’s IntelliCompress2™ continually monitors resource availability and performance during backup, and is designed to constantly fine-tune compression levels to ensure the quickest backups and the smallest, most compressed backup files possible.

When you run a backup using an IntelliCompress compression level, SQL Safe analyzes your backup data and selects the optimal algorithm given the specific data and current system status. This customizing enables optimization of database performance, even if the backup data has increased significantly since the last backup.

A process to comprehensively analyze the data each time each you run a backup provides you with the ideal compression rate for each backup, which means you save time and disk space. You can also set Intellicompress to maximize speed (iSpeed) or minimize size (iSize).

Using IntelliCompress Level 1 will allow a backup operation to finish in the shortest amount of time, but the files will only have a minimal level of compression. Level 2 will undertake somewhat greater compression, but still complete the backup operation in a relatively short time. Level 3 involves a high level of compression and requires somewhat longer to complete the backup operation. Level 4, on the other hand, offers maximum compression, but the backup operation typically requires the most time.