Relational Database Change Management for Multiple Platforms

DB Change Manager DB Change Manager

Schema Archive and Compare

Capture and compare schema differences between one or more archived or live databases.

Synchronization and Roll-back

Generate alter scripts to sync selected objects or restore to a prior state. Handles object dependencies, and
preserves data.

Schema Auto-Synchronization

Automatically synchronize the target to match the source once there is a successful comparison. Promote schema
changes from development, to test and finally to production.

Data Compare and Synchronization

Compare and synchronize data either inside of one database or between two different databases.

Job Notification

Receive job status notifications via email.

Multi-platform Support

DB Change Manager includes support for all of the major relational database platforms (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Oracle Database, IBM Db2 LUW, SAP Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, Pivotal Greenplum, and Amazon Redshift) from a single common graphical user interface. Ability to use the tools on all supported platforms from
a single license.


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