Application and Relational Database Performance Monitoring for Multiple Platforms


Track the performance of application transactions into relational databases for multiple platforms from a single user interface

Multi-tiered applications written on Microsoft .NET are pervasive in the marketplace. Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL Server Reporting Services, custom applications and more are being leveraged to power enterprise processes. When slowdowns occur, the .NET tier supporting these applications is commonly blamed. However, slowdowns are often a symptom of problems in another tier, such as the database tier or the Web tier. To isolate the root cause of application performance problems, you need an integrated solution that manages performance end to end.

.NET Application Problem Prevention

Precise for .NET helps prevent performance problems across mission-critical applications such as Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service, and custom .NET applications. This is done by correlating end-user transactions with the URLs, application calls, databases, and storage devices that they access. This tier-to-tier view of performance data helps IT teams to determine how one application component is affecting the performance of another and enables them to isolate slowdowns on the Microsoft .NET tier or follow the problem in context into another tier for resolution.

Automatic Performance Analysis

The Precise Platform comes with a knowledge base of .NET best practices. Built up over years of real-world experience, it analyzes performance data and finds potential problems. Even simple recommendations of minor CLR configuration change can have a substantial performance impact. The Precise Platform can help identify class contention, report on exceptions thrown, and diagnose memory leaks.

Accelerate Problem Resolution

To shorten the time it takes to find and fix performance problems, the Precise Platform provides a comprehensive dashboard that includes the top (slowest) executing service requests, SQL statements, and Web services. It also displays application availability, average response time, number of invocations, and SLA compliance status.

Proactive Management

With the Precise Platform, IT teams can detect and correct worrying trends before they have a chance to become a problem. Extensive reporting features in our Performance Management Database (PMDB) make it easy to proactively tune the performance of your .NET Application infrastructure.

Monitor Your SQL Server

SQL Server’s integrated CLR allows complex stored procedures to run inside the database. The Precise Platform includes a SQL Server instance type that enables full performance management of .NET compatible stored procedures.

TPM Throughout the Entire Application Lifecycle

The Precise Platform addresses the need to optimize application performance during the development, testing, and production phases of the application life cycle. This single solution can be shared by all stakeholders to simplify the process of identifying and communicating .NET performance problems.
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