HOUSTON, TX – July 11, 2019 – IDERA (an Idera, Inc. company), a provider of powerful database productivity tools, today announced the latest release of its flagship SQL Compliance Manager product. Version 5.6 features new reports and log files that increase compliance visibility and awareness with a focus on GDPR, as well as improved usability and functionality of configuration settings.

SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive database auditing solution that monitors and tracks changes to SQL Server objects and data, and sends alerts on suspicious activity. The product also generates audit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as GDPR, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, CIS, NERC, DISA/STIG, and FERPA.

According to recent TechValidate survey data, 100% of SQL Compliance Manager customers have realized an improvement in identifying suspicious behavior; 93% have experienced an improvement in finding potential security risks; and 88% have seen improvement in analyzing user access & activity. Additionally, 36% of organizations have reduced the amount of time they used to spend generating audit compliance reports by more than 50%.

“Since implementing SQL Compliance Manager, we achieved much quicker analysis for regulatory compliance,” noted one database administrator (DBA) at a Global 500 professional services organization. Another DBA from a large enterprise financial services firm confirmed, “SQL Compliance Manager has ensured we meet and surpass our audit needs with less effort and time.”

The new release of SQL Compliance Manager 5.6 focuses heavily on improving the usability and functionality of settings and configurations in the product to improve the speed of new installations and updated implementations. Highlights include:

  • GDPR in Regulatory Guideline Wizard – Quickly and easily set up auditing and reporting based on GDPR standards so DBAs can demonstrate compliance.
  • Sensitive Columns Update – Capture sensitive column access activity without collecting actual Before and After data (BAD) associated with PII (personally identifiable information) so that auditors can see what data has been accessed without viewing the restricted information.
  • Intuitive Configuration Settings – Clearly see what settings have already been set on the parent configuration and know exactly what information is captured for all levels.

“DBAs today are overwhelmed with oversight requirements, from maintaining the health and performance of databases to securing and tracking who has access to them, and for what reasons,” said Kim Brushaber, senior product manager at IDERA. “SQL Compliance Manager takes the headache out of regulatory compliance efforts by making it easier than ever to filter information, tailor event notifications, and pinpoint who did what in an environment — especially as more and more organizations come under the scrutiny of GDPR.”

Additional new SQL Compliance Manager functionality includes:

  • Default Audit Configuration Settings – Set default settings at both the server level and the database level to enable faster implementation of new databases, and consistency across them.
  • Server Level Trusted User – Set trusted users at the server level to control who is monitored.
  • Configuration Check Report – Capture a snapshot in time to see all configurations across all servers and databases and compare them to default configuration settings.
  • Regulatory Compliance Check Report – Compare configuration settings to predefined settings for regulatory compliance to identify possible discrepancies.
  • Wiki/Help Documentation Update – New rich guides show DBAs exactly how to use the product faster than ever before.

To learn more, please read the blog announcement. Existing customers can access the new version of SQL Compliance Manage via the Customer Portal. New customers can access a trial version via the IDERA website.


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